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"Phantom Crash" after hitting Play in POL

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      Posted 15 November 2017 - 04:49 AM

      So I figured I would rejoin the game after some time away, to take advantage of the free period being offered.  


      I'm running a rather old PC, but it was new for the time FFXI came out, and I played around launch time for a few years without problems.  


      It was a Windows XP PC, about 1.8 Ghz.


      About 3 or so years ago I gave FFXIFree a go, without any changes to what I was originally running. I played for several months without any issues, but then again decided to leave when they have a complete server crash and everyone was reset.  


      Deciding to start back up again I tried to use the old load up I had on my PC, but issues with things being severely out of date made me decide to at least up grade to Windows 7. Everything loads properly for POL, Windower and ###### (is that a dirty word around here?) But for all 3 programs I can't actually open FFXI. From POL I hit the "Play" button, POL disappears and the screen becomes slightly washed out, after a second the POL application returns. In Windower and ###### the Bootmod opens, it logs in to my character but then I get an outline, as if it's opening up a windowed version of the game, but then nothing happens.  Nothing technically crashes and I get no dialogue boxes saying there are issues, it's just as if it tried to open something that wasn't there and gave up.  


      Seeing it's happening with POL I'm guessing it's a graphics driver issue, but I was able to update them after the install and POL itself runs beautifully and without lag (before the driver update it was extremely pixelated and I could barely move the curser without it freezing). I have all the Framework and other programs loaded from Darkstar's install guide, but wondering if I'm missing anything or if maybe it is just the graphics drivers.   


      I expect to maybe pick up a cheap PC this Blackfriday, since I do need an update but really don't do much on my PC, but seeing I probably won't have that delivered for 3 weeks or so I thought I'd try to get a head start on things before I just give up and forget about the game for another 2 years.

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