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MacroChanger (request)

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    #1 d3vious


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    Posted 21 August 2013 - 02:03 PM

    Is it currently possible to set macro set through this addon to change to a certain book/page based on main job + sub job?


    Example: NIN/WAR would go to Book 13/Page 1 (Already does this) but say i'm playing NIN/DNC could I set it to do Book 13/Page 3?


    At the moment I keep all NIN + WAR abilities on 13/1 with elemental magic on 13/2, with macro's to change from page 1 to page 2 then at end of elemental cast it auto changes back to page 1. I would like to set up Page 3 for NIN/DNC and page 4 for elemental magic for NIN/DNC. I know it can be done using AutoExec was just curious if it can be done in the current state of this addon?


    Currently use this-

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    	<register silent="true" event="jobchange_nin/war">input /macro book 13; wait .5; input /macro set 1;</register>	
    	<register silent="true" event="jobchange_nin/dnc">input /macro book 13; wait .5; input /macro set 3;</register>	

    #2 Arcon


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    Posted 21 August 2013 - 02:26 PM

    Just fyi, addon questions are best asked to the addon dev directly, because they might never see it if you post here (not all addon devs are here). You can ask them by following the link in the launcher.


    You might get a response here as well if someone knows it, but usually the addon dev is the best source to ask about these things.

    #3 d3vious


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    Posted 21 August 2013 - 02:38 PM

    @Arcon ok ty, still getting used to this new site so many different pages to figure out whats right to post where...

    #4 Iryoku


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      Posted 21 August 2013 - 07:07 PM

      There's absolutely nothing wrong with posting questions like this here. As Arcon said, you just may not get a response, because the addon developer may never see it.

      #5 aureus


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        Posted 22 August 2013 - 06:43 AM

        I'd also like to add that the best place to get in touch with addon developers is the #lua channel in the FFOChat IRC.


        You can join it by loading the FFOChat plugin and typing 

        //chat join #lua

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