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#6812 pricer replacement

Posted by Kenshi on 17 May 2016 - 01:41 PM

I found an addon that search the ffxiah and modified a bit to make it better, you can find it here



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#599 How do i use the video recorder?

Posted by Arcon on 08 October 2013 - 06:31 AM

What is your FFXI window resolution? If it's 1920x1080, you can use that as xRes and yRed to record the video. FPS should be above 10 if you don't want it to be choppy. If you have a good computer, you can do 30 easily. Quality should range from 1 to 100, usually there's not a whole lot of difference between 1 and 100 in the final video, so if your PC isn't quite as strong, I'd suggest going lower.


If it doesn't work it's usually because the resolution values are invalid. For example, I play on a 1920x1080 window (borderless fullscreen), and my PC is quite good, so I can handle the extra stress. Hence I type this:

//video start 1920 1080 30 100

Then again this to stop:

//video stop

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#5422 Mappy support thread

Posted by Kenshi on 25 June 2015 - 12:24 PM

New Mappy version fixed for june 2015 update, added support for mog houses (though it might get bugged sometimes), added back the target lines and added a bunch off new icons like home point, waypoints, survival guides, etc.


I updated the map.ini as well and added missing maps, its still incomplete but hope to get all zones fixed soon, anyway all adoulin seconds map as well as escha-zi'tha should be working, if some zone has no map post it here.



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#5252 Simple addon to filter text

Posted by Arcon on 23 May 2015 - 01:08 AM

What do you mean by higher level text? And do you mean that it does not filter out the other entries in there?


It can actually be simplified a bit more:

filter = S{
    '* does not have enough *',
    'Unable to use *',
    '* Left: *',
    '* can only use that command during *',
windower.register_event('incoming text', function(text)
    return filter:any(windower.wc_match+{text})

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#4 Welcome to the new Windower Forums

Posted by aureus on 05 August 2013 - 05:57 PM

Hello everyone.
I'm sure you may have noticed a change in our forums.  Going forward, we've decided to get a clean start with the forums and get rid of our backlog of half-relevant information.  With that in mind, we've launched our new site, wikis and forums to support Windower 4.
It's been a few months since we launched Windower 4, and we're pleased with the great response from all of you so far.  The vast majority of our users are using Windower 4 as their daily use, so to that end we have some changes we'd like to announce.
Windower Changes
First, version 3.4 is now officially unsupported.  Fixes both to hook and plugins will no longer be backported to version 3.4.  We're also dropping the "Beta" label from Windower 4.  The stability and reach of Windower 4 has, over the months, improved to the point where it's no longer really an applicable label.  So from here on out, we are going to do our best to keep Windower 4 as stable as possible, and only push out changes after extensive testing.
To help this testing get started, we're also introducing a Windower 4 unstable release.  This is basically our current development snapshot.  Things may, and probably will, be broken with no notice and may not be fixed immediately.  That said, it also contains the most recent things we're working on, such as UI integration with the mouse, a spellcast replacement addon, and the new FFXIDB plugin.
Site Changes
You may have already noticed the changes to our site, but there's a few points I want to touch on briefly.
First, and most important, we have introduced a shared Windower Account between all of our various subsites and applications.  This can be accessed via http://account.windower.net/ and is used to log in to everything on windower.net
We've also set up wikis at http://wiki.windower.net and http://dev.windower.net.  These are doku wikis, no more confluence to deal with.  These will contain info for developers (dev.windower.net), and documentation for users (wiki.windower.net), and use your Windower Account to log in.
The newest addition is our Library application.  This is a site designed to allow you to easily share, rate and comment on spellcast or gearswap files, or even guides or Lua scripts.  This site is still a work in progress, and the design may likely change slightly over the next few days.  It can be found at http://library.windower.net and, again, uses your Windower Account to log in.
While Windower version 3.4 will no longer be supported, we have the forums up (and locked) at http://legacy.windower.net, which can be used to access any old topics you may need.  This is the only part of windower NOT using the Windower Account for authentication, but you can log in with your old windower forums account if needed.
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#3779 XI View V2.02 (July 9th, 2016) - [USER INTERFACE]

Posted by Caradog on 12 November 2014 - 06:44 PM

I've got this Friday off work, so I'll be working on it for early release (EU lunch time) then.


Hope everyone is enjoying the update till then!


Hope your family member gets well soon Wildman.

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#3459 FPS plugin?

Posted by Iryoku on 17 October 2014 - 01:53 AM

I have heard rumors that this can get you banned because the server can tell you are moving faster or something? I want to use this so bad but scared of being banned. Can someone clarify on this please?






You can't move any faster (this isn't a flee hack). The only thing that happens is animations may play slower than usual if your PC isn't strong enough to run the game at 58.8 FPS, which isn't detectable server-side. This is safe to use.



...7zip files can't be attached, so i placed the original archive in a zip file


Fixed this, you can attach .7z files now (though .zip is still recommended, since anyone can open them without installing anything).

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#2923 XI View V2.02 (July 9th, 2016) - [USER INTERFACE]

Posted by Caradog on 20 August 2014 - 04:40 PM

Its all good, I'm always glad to encourage the use of Xi View, it really is a lovely mod with a lot of potential.

I'm glad with you're happy with the help, anything further, feel free to contact me.

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#2439 XI View V2.02 (July 9th, 2016) - [USER INTERFACE]

Posted by Caradog on 17 June 2014 - 09:42 AM

Glancing over whats been changed, I can say with some certainty that Xi View will break - a lot and strongly suggest not using it till I have a chance to update it this evening/tomorrow morning.


Apologies for the inconvience.

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#17 XI View V2.02 (July 9th, 2016) - [USER INTERFACE]

Posted by Mysticales on 06 August 2013 - 02:15 AM

Old Legacy forum with instructions are here:



--== DOWNLOADS ==--

[Current Version]

Caradog XI View 2.02 (July 9th 2016) (Full Update!):

(New version numbering system, is not an older version)

XI View 2.0.2


Wildman's XI View: (Live updates or Alternative)


https://github.com/W...XIView/releases - Latest Release


*Please read all Read Me files and how to video for correct installation.

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#1066 XI View V2.02 (July 9th, 2016) - [USER INTERFACE]

Posted by Caradog on 11 December 2013 - 08:45 AM

Okay here's Xi View 2.11


Mirror 1

Mirror 2


Any issues feel free to contact me.

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#925 Windower is recruiting!

Posted by Arcon on 23 November 2013 - 10:14 AM

Good evening ladies and gents,
as the title says, the Windower team is recruiting. The reason for this, as some may have noticed from other threads, is that the current development team is drastically reduced due to SE sucking and not being able to motivate us to keep playing. Currently we have about 1.47 active core/plugin devs and about as many active addon devs, and they overlap as well.
That is not a lot to maintain a project of this scale, especially since there are a number of fringe projects related to us that many might not know about yet. So what follows is a listing of projects we're currently maintaining (or rather, struggling to) along with a short description of what it entails. If you feel you're able and willing to contribute to any of them, feel free to PM any one of us or hit us up on IRC.
Note that you can help out for more than one of these projects. Currently we all do a bit of everything anyway, so the lines are very blurry. One requirement we do expect from all of the projects is communication. For that we mainly use IRC, but for the less teamworky jobs in the list this isn't a definitive requirement. If you want to apply either send me a PM or hop on IRC (the latter is recommended, since you'll want to use it as part of the team regardless). You will find all of us on the FFOChat network (irc.ffochat.com) in the #windower channel. The easiest way to get there is to simply load the FFOChat plugin, it will automatically connect. To talk, then type /x <message>, where x is the channel number (2 for a default installation, it will say when you connect). You can also type /pm arcon <message> to talk to me directly.
Also note that all specific language requirements can be relaxed if you already have general programming experience and are able to pick up new languages. We don't work on a strict schedule, it's not an issue if you take a while to get into it before you start working. Not like we're paying you or anything. And speaking of which, we're not paying you or anything! Consider it charity work for the poor souls having to deal with SE's software.
So here's the list of things you can do to help out. If you're not sure about some of the requirements or what exactly it entails, feel free to ask about it.
Plugin development
This is a crucial area and the one that requires the most skill and knowledge. As some may have noticed, we shifted focus from plugins to addons, and we intend to continue that trend. However, there are plugins that still need maintenance or bug fixes (especially after every update), and some plugins cannot be converted to addons, because Lua lacks some crucial low-level functionality, and LuaCore needs to be maintained and developed as well. That's what this position is for.
All plugins are written in C++, hence knowledge of it is appreciated, but not required if you're a good programmer and think you can pick it up. This will also entail bit-level trickery, working with pointers and general memory infrastructure, internal memory layout and packet analysis.
Addon development/maintenance
Addons can be developed by anyone, so this is a bit of an obvious position. However, many addon devs joined, made an addon and disappeared. Some don't work right and some require maintenance after an API change. Ideally, that shouldn't happen, but reality is rarely ideal. This is not quite an important position, but help with this would also be appreciated.
General programming language is expected, Lua knowledge preferred, although that's pretty easy to pick up if you know any other languages.
Wiki/doc maintenace
Again, not terribly important, but since I'm lazy and stupid the docs often go out of date when I add to or change the API, and that shouldn't really happen. So this is a) for maintaining an accurate API reference, B) documentation and perhaps tutorials for Lua libraries and their usage and c) hopefully, eventually, a listing of plugins/addons and their documentation.
This one requires some familiarity with various plugins/addons/LuaCore as well as communication with the dev team.
This one is a three-parter.
The actual website. This does not have to include visual design (although we definitely wouldn't say no to that), but mainly infrastructure (server setup, efficiency, DB handling, etc.).
The website is written in Python (Flask) and we use Mongo DB with a Python ORM (conjure).
Server-side data
This includes collections and organization/display of all data we collect. This currently entails kill data, synth data, Voidwatch data and mob spawn data.
Again, Python is the language of choice here, but more important is understanding of game data and a sense of statistics.
Client-side data handling
The FFXIDB plugin has been available on Windower 4.1 for a while, although as of now it's not much more than a minimap. This should be extended to incorporate data from the FFXIDB website in real-time, to look up NPC positions, mob spawn positions, drop rates and whatever else you can think of.
The requirements are the same as for plugin development (it is just another plugin, after all) but might also include some networking.
Resource management
The age old problem of Spellcast not equipping new gear after an update, or better yet, crashing the game. Hardly anyone who hasn't been annoyed by that yet, and you can help! POLUtils was the tool of choice to extract resources with. We currently have our own tool we use for Windower-internal resources ever since Radec quit. Maintaining and expanding that will be the main concern of this position. One task will be Lua-formatted table output, so addons can include it easier than parsing XMLs.
The program is written in C# (both ours and POLUtils), knowledge of that or general programming language will help. Also knowledge of game internals (especially DAT files and their infrastructure) will be useful, but we can explain that in detail if you're interested.
While we're currently in no pressing need of forum moderators, if you're really interested and want to help, you can apply. What we could use is an issue moderator. Someone who browses old issues as well as new issues on our GitHub repository and tags them appropriately, sets priorities, assigns personnel, closes duplicates, answers what they know and just try to keep things organized in general.
Some technical understanding (no actual programming knowledge) will be useful.
This is a crucial position and you don't even have to apply for it! As usual, we can always use people that help us test new features and debug them. No particular requirements for this one. Just be active, and report issues. Preferably on our issue tracker or on IRC (or both).

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#4248 Plug ins not working after new update

Posted by Tescia on 15 January 2015 - 08:20 AM

okay so a: sorry for putting this here but the report a bug option wouldn't let me sign in so yay here you are, b: plug ins are now being unloaded after the new version update with a warning about something i can't totally read probably something about the user aggrement because you know me using the better version of party tp is so horrible... aka thiers sucks but anyway just thought you'd want to know

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#404 skillup.xml

Posted by nitrous24 on 29 August 2013 - 01:38 AM

also i should note, what i want is a macro so that i can leave my warrior in vunkerl inlet S and have him auto attack the crabs there so i can just afk to sleep, work, etc while he skills up. i tried:

/target <stnpc> 

/attack <t>


but the /attack <t> doesnt seem to be working

/target <stnpc> brings up the subtarget icon

you need to use /targetnpc

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#3428 Windower is recruiting!

Posted by Iryoku on 14 October 2014 - 02:15 PM

We definitely still need help, and we have plenty of stuff to do that doesn't directly involve programming, so I'm sure we can find something for you to do. Join us on IRC in the #windower channel (Arcon explains how to do this in the OP), and we can discuss things further.

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#3099 XI View V2.02 (July 9th, 2016) - [USER INTERFACE]

Posted by Wildman on 11 September 2014 - 12:29 AM

Using Wildman's github version, does the main menu seem green to anyone else?

I have lots and lots of dds files for those dats I play around with. If your referring to what is suppose to be the color of the bars when pulling up the menu that is usually blueish, It looks like I might have put a different colored one in there instead. I also had reports of people saying the GM or SGM icons when people use various other tools is showing a bleed over from another icon, so this is all fix and pushing an update in the next 5 or so minutes. :)

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#2272 Gametime Addon (slight issue)

Posted by TyRobot on 25 May 2014 - 08:25 AM

Hey, also...since it is doing the double thing right now...a quick work around is once you can bring up the console:

type: lua unload <addon>
then: lua load <addon>

This is a confirmed workaround! Hope this helps in the meantime. ^^       

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#2118 XI View V2.02 (July 9th, 2016) - [USER INTERFACE]

Posted by Caradog on 15 May 2014 - 08:32 PM

I'll take a look and see what the issue is

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#1568 Windower unable to connect to lobby server

Posted by phoenik on 10 February 2014 - 03:07 PM

I'm having this issue as well. I've tried disabling Windows Firewall and my antivirus, as well as every compatibility mode and nothing. Everything loads up fine, when I accept the terms, it hangs at "Connecting to lobby server" and sits there forever. POL doesn't hang or report any issues. Running the game without Windower everything works fine.


I have tried both the official Windower release as well as the current Development Windower.


Currently running Windows 8.1 x64



I was able to get it  to work by uninstalling BitDefender. Even with BitDefender disabled it was blocking the connection. Arathas do you happen to use BitDefender as well? (I was using the free edition).

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#135 Support Forums won't open

Posted by zohno on 09 August 2013 - 04:38 PM

I think you may have forums.windower.net in your hosts files (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts), maybe as a temp fix when the forum changed IP before.

Can you please check it?

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